on Language Pedagogy

in Higher Education

October 2 & 3, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the Symposium will take place online


The goal of this symposium is to serve as a professional development forum tailored to the needs of post-secondary language educators, which will not only help to enhance the quality of language programs but also provide opportunities for inter-institutional collaboration. During the symposium, we will host workshops and sessions about different aspects of language teaching and program administration in higher education settings.

Organizing committee

  • Florencia Henshaw (Director of Advanced Spanish, UIUC)

  • Jeeyoung Ahn Ha (Director of the Korean Language Program, UIUC)

  • Eman Saadah (Director of the Less Commonly Taught Languages Program, UIUC)

  • Claudia Fernández (University of Illinois, Chicago)

  • Muriel Gallego (Ohio University)

  • Jeremy Bachelor (Heartland Community College)